I am excited to have each of you joining me for the fun of Dressing. Today we begin the REAL-READY Tips!

Fashion is a beautiful escape from the serious things in life.  As we know for an interview it is serious; however, it’s truly a game, a challenge, a building of our personal style that sets us apart from every other person.   Our unique offering to the world of who we are expressed through our individual style.

Since we do not look the same every day, meaning our hair isn’t always exactly the same, our make-up a bit different and let’s not forget our mood.  Therefore we create ourselves every day, to impress, please or just get by…

The most important thing for you to know today is we have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day.  They start our day off right or wrong: Be good to yourself and say good things to the person in the mirror, even when others do not. Forgive your mistakes and for Heaven sake make a decision to MOVE FORWARD.  What we think of ourselves reflects in our dressing, our friends,  our work and in every minute of our day.

Say GOODBYE to the GET-BY, and GET-REAL about your Closet Attitude.

  • Paint it: even a small space in your closet in a color you love, Pin-up the best picture of yourself and/or what or who you love, or sayings that encourage you. A Friend Gave me a Sign that is TGIF (Thank God I’m Fabulous) Oh, yea! It hangs in MY Closet.
  • RE-Hang it: by color or like items, or events.  Work, Business-Casual, After-Work and/or Work-out, Casual, Denims.  Evening out, Formals and Semi-Formals need to hang in another place when possible.
  • Accessorize-it: scarves/wraps/belts/necklaces hang when possible.  Use Tie Rack or cup hooks.  Fishing- lure, clear boxes for earrings. Store Shoes in clear shoe boxes also, stacked on shelf or in floor or closet.

Let the REAL-Fun begin……………..CELEBRATE YOURSELF!

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