The Model Connection


The Model ConnectionThe Model Connection is a dynamic group of real women who come together to entertain, inspire and support each other.  They enjoy the oppourtunity to show clothes that fit their personal style/body types and separates them from usual runway models.  They enjoy the whole process of being fitted in clothes that enhance their coloring, body-type and personality.  These shows are more than just fun, they show audiences how to put their existing clothes together and how and where to shop for new ones.  This is a group of women and men who have a common goal, coming together to deliver a great show, have fun and entertain audiences.  They demonstrate how tradition and trends can work together to create new looks easily and affordably.

Shows produced and directed by Darlene Real Higginbotham. For information on establishing a Model Connection in your city, contact Darlene Real Higginbotham 205-901-4808.