Tame the Closet Monster!

The closet monster deviously creeps in when the season changes. You hear the naysayers of your mind—No, not that, well…maybe! You are getting the picture of the “Closet Creepers”. They whisper in your ear, trick your mind and influence your daily choices.

Styling Tips to banish The Closet Monster:

1. Decide the color for the day’s activities, do you want colors, naturals, or darks
2. Decide on the climate appropriateness
3. View your choices buy hanging all pieces together with accessories and shoes
4. Ask yourself, how would I respond if another person wore this?
5. Own your heritage, establish your style!

The secret to quieting the creepers, is deciding what you want your appearance to say about you. When you DECIDE you are worthy of the investment of time, money and energy everything changes. You can change your appearance with good posture and a pleasant attitude. These change the way your clothes hang and your voice projects. You lift your own spirits, “the good ones”.

Stay Fabulous!


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